Richmond: A Mid-Century Haven

This weekend Alli and I traveled to Richmond, Virginia for a B&B getaway. I was fantastically excited about the abundance of mid-century modern furniture shops I found in Carytown. I spend hour perusing through almost all of them, and for your benefit, I cataloged two of my fav stores in case you find yourself in Richmond anytime soon.

2605 West Cary Street
Richmond ,VA 23220



3445 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221



Before & After Prospect + Wood Dresser

If you have an knack for DIY projects Craigslist is a great place to find furniture primed for a redo. Below is a DIY prospect currently available on Craigslist and a possible way to snazzy it up!

What it is now: (click picture to see ad on Craigslist)

Wooden Desk (Annandale, $30)

What it could be: 



Capitol Scavenger Spotlight: Katharine Watson

Happy Sunday Scavengers,

I received an email from the capitol scavenger reader that was selling this lovely side table on Craigslist. It turns out that side-table owner (err…previous owner now) Katharine, a local DC resident, is also a pretty legit printmaker.

Katherine runs the a blog called The Printing Press where you can find her hand-made cards, ornaments, custom textiles, bags, pillows and more.

I plan to order her new handmade holiday cards (below). From now until December 5th, you can get free shipping by entering the code “SHIPFREE” at checkout. Happy shopping!

Are you a capitol scavenger reader that sells some fancy pants stuff? Post links to your crafty items in the comments section!


To see more items from Katharine Watson visit her Etsy Store and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter 

Canvas Redo!

Hello Scavengers,

Last week I finally finished my canvas redo. I had a previously painted canvas that didn’t match my new decor so I decided to paint over and start anew. I browsed on etsy for some typography inspiration and found a cute card with the phrase “when Life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic.”  Since a gin & tonic is the drink of choice  of my new squeeze (pun intended), I thought it would be a perfect fit for this canvas redo.

First, I sanded down the canvas to remove as much paint as I could before applying a few coats of white acrylic paint on top. I didn’t worry much about the previous painting showing through because it gave it the vintage feel I was going for.

Once the paint dried, I began to trace the outline of a lemon. I used a bowl to draw the lemon tips and then freehanded the rest.

Next, I peeled off my 2″ letter decals and began sticking them to the canvas

Once I got the decals placed correctly, I used left over yellow wall paint to fill in the lemon, going over all the decals as well.

I didn’t want the decals to rip off the paint so I gave the canvas 2 days to dry before I attempted the big peel

And viola, I have a totally new piece of art work. Now I just have to figure out how to hang this heavy frame. Anyone want to come over and help? 🙂

Daily Roundup

Vintage edition!!

It looks like a Bentleys Vintage Furniture & Collectibles in Petworth is selling some pretty sweet vintage pieces. Here are a few of my favorite from their flickr stream. Click on the photos to see the original craigslist ad and to contact the seller.

4 Vintage Dining Chairs (Petworth)

Medium Sized Trunk (Petworth, $75)

Vintage Mod Chairs (Petworth)1900's Victor Adding Machine (Petworth)

Vintage Brass Bed (Petworth, $350)

5 vintage Ikoflex twin lens reflex 1930s (Alexandria, $50)

Mid Century Stainless Steel Medical Cabinet (Annapolis,$750)

Vintage Polar Cub Oscillating Fan (Colombia Heights, $15)

Weekend Guide: Craigslist Moving Sales

Lots of folks are moving and opening their homes for you to scavenge for furniture finds! Here are just a few I’d recommend hitting up this weekend.

Moving sale @ K st NE

Moving Sale K st NE

Moving sale @ Eastern Market

Moving Sale Eastern Market

Moving sale @ Glover Park

Moving Sale Glover Park

Moving sale @ Shaw

Moving sale in Shaw